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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

  • When people leave & Phoebe still stays

    That feeling sucks. When people I love starts leaving for a new road, I just feel sad as if the sadness would never end. How can I stop it?
    This gift was from Tom when he left. Just keep smiling and then life will be better. I don't know it is true or not but I can't do anything except for accepting the truth.
  • A "comfort zone"

    From my view at work. I call it "my comfort zone" and wanna save it for myself forever :D
  • Enjoy early summer in Hanoi. Why not try?

    Early summer in Hanoi

    Tree leaves change their color in early summer in Hanoi

    I am not the person who love summer but one day after spring, when I looked at the sky and saw a tree leaves changing their color, I realized that I could love any time here. It was a feeling I had in Hanoi early summer.

    I don't know how to translate this tree's name into English. I can just describe my emotion when I look at the red color. It's really exciting and I bet that you will WOW out loud if you see that scene. What are your greatest moments? It will be one of them.

    Go with a person you love when summer comes in Hanoi

    Yep, exactly go with someone you can share your thoughts. On that day, I wandered Hanoi Old Quarter with my soulmate. I called him that name because he was the only one, until this time, listening to my ridiculous stories and telling me his feeling. I used to love him but then, he became my cafe friend. 

    I remember Hanoi early summer because it recalled me of memories I had with him. It was one early morning when I sat behind him, and it was also an afternoon that I took the above photo by his film camera. I am a lucky girl to have a friend like him, right? 

    Don't waste any moments you can have in Hanoi early summer

    They may be two things I mention above, may be not. However, if you have an opportunity here, don't waste your time. Hanoi is really beautiful if you spend time enjoying it slowly. Have yourself a coffee cup at a small corner, go jogging around West Lake or Sword Lake, eat anything you like or want to try near Hanoi Old Quarters, etc. That's something you should do in early summer of Hanoi. 

    Or if you want a friend to go with you, don't forget to call me ;) 

  • Wake up early, and then...

    Wake up early & see sunrise with friends at Cat Ba island
  • My very first friend

    My very first friend at work. It's a gift from my friend. Wanna say thanks!
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